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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random thoughts and Not-so-random actions put in simple words

The following are some queer thoughts that followed my crazier actions since morning (7AM to be precise)...

1. Had to wake up at 7, a monotonous 'exercise' religiously followed every morning despite having started with college. So IT'S SCHOOL ALL OVER AGAIN!

2. Heck! It's raining cats and dogs! Was wearing the same Tee i wore the last time I got drenched from hair-tip to toe-nail in the rain. I POSSESS A 'RAIN-INDUCING TEE'!

3. Recalled the mention of the term 'Cosmic Healer' by a friend. Created in me a desire to become one myself, though I've no clue what they do. AS FOR THAT THE OUIJA BOARD TOO EXCITES ME!

4. Was undecided about what the name of my blog should be, and the result of the brief 'polling' on the three shortlisted names only heightened the level of confusion. So decided to merge the two names that got the most support aka 'votes'. Hence, PENSEVE MISSTERY!

5. After the creation of the blog i accidentally  became my own (and sole) 'Follower'. ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN and your job is to IGNORE THEM!

6.Wasted an unimaginably long time Facebooking, thereby straining my eyes and making me feel guilty about the thorough waste of precious time! *SIGHS*

7. Realized I live in a concrete jungle...that has been dug-up on the orders of a certain 'Sporty' man who loves the Common man's Wealth! INCREDIBLE INDIA INDEED!

8.Understands the importance of the word 'random' and gets scorned at for being eccentric and lovin' it by my 'Female Progenitor'! Hah! THAT'S NASTY!

9.Am reminded of the not-so-exciting fact that I'll have to miss 4 days of class(= 12 lectures) next week(naah..not a me a 'Budding Literary Critic') because a cousin decided this is the best time for him to tie the knot! MAY HIS DISILLUSSIONED SOUL R.I.P

10.Wonders what led to her turning into an Insomniac...
*thinks harder*
*gives up*
*falls asleep on the keyboard*


  1. Buy a laptop. You will never fall asleep on the keyboard then. And if you already own a laptop, and you still fell asleep on the keyboard, good luck for the Spondylitis diagnosis.

    Don't care about the other stuff though, I have bigger problems in my life, thankyou.

  2. oh the same thing happened to me! i accidently became my own blog's follower!!! i can so understand you! :D :D